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A luxury-guided tour in Machu Picchu.

Activity Levels

Your Journey, Your Pace

Activity Levels

New for 2021, we have created activity levels to advise you on what you can physically expect on your chosen journey. You can find your journey's activity level in the overview section of the journey page.

Leisurely trail tour taking place.


Short distances and flat surfaces

Looking for a leisurely pace? These trips are for you. They typically feature up to 1–2 miles of walking per day on primarily flat surfaces and with some stairs. Leisurely trips often have relaxed starts in the mornings so you can get plenty of rest. These trips also have a number of Your Way experiences so you and your travelling companions can choose how active you’d like to be on any day. While these are the most relaxed activity level, you will still need to get on and off transportation independently.

Elegance of the Nile

11 days from US$5,170

The father of African rivers the Nile has long been a reflection of Egypt’s history and destiny – an economic lifeline, a great highway to conquest and a source of inspiration throughout the centuries.

Elegance of the Pharaohs

10 days from US$4,601

An inquisitive journey for those with a hunger for knowledge and adventure through the land of the pharaohs. Millennia-old monuments stir the imagination of a different time and will bring the stories to life for you through its warm people. Cruise your way through Egypt and along the mighty Nile, as you delve in to the highlights of this ancient land.

The Endless Shores

8 days from US$3,385

Explore New Zealand’s North Island with no more than 20 like-minded travellers. Visit the cities Auckland and Wellington, that resound with a friendly welcome normally felt in small towns.

Balanced tour taking place.


Medium distances and some uneven surfaces

These trips are a perfect mix of active and passive sightseeing, featuring a balance of relaxed starts and some evening activities. These trips will generally have up to 1–3 miles of walking per day and may involve some uneven surfaces, such as cobblestones and stairs.

Spain & Portugal in Style

13 days from US$5,558

Experience the passion, creativity and romance of Spain and Portugal, as you witness fiery flamenco performances, marvel at Gaudi’s dreamy architecture and appreciate enchanting citrus-scented squares.

Majesty of the Rockies

14 days from US$6,991

Take in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains as you travel in luxurious comfort to the most dazzling national parks, glaciers and historic villages of Western Canada. Savour delicious local cuisine in trendy Vancouver and meet passionate Local Experts, as you discover Mother Nature’s bounties from the Rockies to the waters of Alaska.

Imperial Rajasthan

13 days from US$5,650

We invite you to join a luxury heritage journey through timeless Rajasthan, where maharajahs built forts and lavish palaces towering over desert cities.

Dynamic tour taking place.


Longer distances and inclined surfaces

If you're looking for a more active pace, you will love our dynamic trips. These journeys can feature 4+ miles of walking on some days and may involve some steep hills. Dynamic trips include a variety of morning start times to maximise sightseeing and regular evening activities.

Ultimate Italy

from US$6,286

Step into the ancient world, as a Local Expert shows you the cobblestone alleyways of Pompeii, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel in VIP style, and the gravity-defying Tower of Pisa.

Majestic Japan

from US$10,625

A master of modernity and steward of tradition, Japan delights and surprises with neon-lit highstreets, ancient temples and boundless natural beauty. Meet knowledgeable locals, see iconic sites, taste exotic flavours and wonder at Mother Nature, as you journey via bullet train from cutting-edge cities to unexplored wildernesses in luxurious comfort.

Inspiring Indochina

from US$7,295

Experience the ultimate in luxury travel, as you journey through Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, the three crown jewels of Southeast Asia. Get an insider's perspective on some of the world's most important religious monuments such as Angkor Wat and watch the sun go down over the mighty Mekong River.

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