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Your Luggage

As a guest on a Luxury Gold small group tour, you'll immerse yourself in dazzling destinations and stay at luxurious hotels. Every aspect of your tour is carefully crafted, and that includes the transport of your luggage. With porterage at every location and the peace of mind offered by the Blue Ribbon Bags service, you can relax and savor your extraordinary journey with Luxury Gold. 

How Blue Ribbon Bags Baggage Protection Works

LG Number 1

Rest assured, before you depart for your journey, you are auto enrolled and registered with Blue Ribbon bags.

LG Number 2

If your bag does not accompany you to your international flight’s end-point destination, you must report it to the airline before reporting it to Blue Ribbon Bags. Please file a lost baggage claim with your airline and retain the tracking number.

LG Number 3

Once you have filed your lost baggage claim, notify Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of your flight landing via phone (+1 888 224 4243) or online and share the airline tracking number.

LG Number 4

Blue Ribbon Bags will track your bags and provide you regular updates.

LG Number 5

If you have any questions, you may contact Blue Ribbon Bags via email. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

LG Number 6

Your Blue Ribbon Bags service agreement number is: LGUSAS plus your booking number. For example, LGUSAS A123456.

LG Number 7

Your Traveling Concierge is available during your tour to help you, so please let them know if you need any assistance.