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Visit La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell in Barcelona, Madrid Prado Museum, Alhambra Palace in Granada, and more.

Passionate flamenco dancing, zealous guitar strumming, relaxing siestas, and colourful festivals are just some of the cultural traditions that Spain is famous for. The annual La Tomatina of Valenci festival is a particular highlight that sees locals and visitors alike embracing the world’s largest tomato fight, where more than 50,000 people take to the streets of Banol each August to squash and throw thousands of tonnes of tomatoes! Signature Spanish items include wooden castanets, ruffled ankle-length dresses and beautiful lace-trimmed hand fans; you are likely to return with at least one of these as a souvenir of your vacation.

What is Spain known for?

Must-see landmarks

With a lengthy list of notable artists and architects through the ages, including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Antonio Gaudi, it’s no wonder Spain is rich with artistic and architectural wonders. The Liceu Barcelona Opera House is one such beauty that embodies the heart and soul of Spanish life. Dating back to 1847, this is one of the most significant opera houses in Europe, where greats like Pavarotti and Domingo have taken to the stage to deliver mesmerising performances. Similarly, the Sagrada Familia is another structural sensation, with origins also dating back to the 1800s. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this immense cathedral has undergone nearly 150 years of construction and is actually still incomplete, with a scheduled finished date being in 2026. While in Granada, the Alhambra Palace deserves attention, as a decoratively impressive masterpiece, together with the Generalife Gardens that offer a romantic backdrop to stir your senses. On Luxury Gold’s ‘Spain & Portugal in Style’ 14-day tour, these are just some of the iconic sights you can look forward to when you visit Barcelona, Granada, Merida, Madrid, and Seville.  

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On Luxury Gold tours, your Travelling Concierge is fluent in the local language and culture. Before you go, here is more information about Spain.


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When to go: May-October for the best temperatures across the country; November-December for a great festive scene.

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