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Family Values

A Heritage in Luxury Travel


A Heritage in Luxury Travel

A long tradition of excellence in travel

Our Chairman, Mr. Stanley Tollman, founded Luxury Gold with the inspiration to "bring back the golden era of travel". He wanted to apply his over 60 years of experience in luxury hospitality to create a travel company that provides the very best, immersive luxury travel experiences with the perfect blend of guided and independent exploration. Luxury Gold is motivated by his personal love of travel and his desire to share a collection of his cherished travel moments with you.

Always in pursuit of excellence

Luxury Gold is a proud member of the Travel Corporation (TTC) family of brands, a fourth-generation, family-owned and passionately run travel company. Founded 100 years ago by the Tollman family, TTC's mission is to create enriching travel and hospitality experiences for travellers of all types. The Tollman family motto is “always in pursuit of excellence,” and this philosophy of always delivering the best has driven TTC to create some of the most luxurious, award-winning hospitality and travel companies in the market.

The TTC family of brands includes such prestigious brands as Insight Vacations, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, Red Carnation Hotels along with dozens of other award-winning travel companies. Together, #WeMakeTravelPersonal.


TTC | #WeMakeTravelPersonal

Red Carnation - Insight Vacations
Adventure World - Insight Vacations
Insight Vacations
African Travel - Insight Vacations
Uniworld - Insight Vacations
 Costsaver - Insight Vacations
Evan Evan - Insight Vacations
Contiki - Insight Vacations
BusAbout - Insight Vacations
AAT Kings - Insight Vacations
Inspiring Journeys - Insight Vacations
Brendan Vacations - Insight Vacations
Lion World Travel - Insight Vacations
Trafalgar - Insight Vacations
U By Uniworld - Insight Vacations
Grand European Travel - Insight Vacations
Haggis Adventures - Insight Vacations
Shamrocker Adventures - Insight Vacations

Loyalty Deserves to Be Rewarded

Loyalty deserves to be rewarded

Past guests of Luxury Gold and our sister brands are eligible for exclusive benefits.

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Travel with Purpose

Make Travel Matter

See how Luxury Gold, in collaboration with TreadRight supports the rehabilitation of elephants at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India.



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