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"This too, shall pass"

Stanley Tollman

A Letter from our Founder and Chairman

Dear Fellow Travelers,

I write to you as founder of Luxury Gold and as Chairman of The Travel Corporation. These are deeply challenging times in the world, as we battle a global pandemic, and very disappointing times for those of us who love to travel. To those of you whose travel plans must be delayed, we know you are disappointed. I speak for everyone at Luxury Gold when I say that we are, too. There is nothing we love more than leading you on journeys to connect you to the places, people, and experiences that make our world so fascinating. This is, in fact, precisely the reason I founded Luxury Gold. My wife, Bea, and I have lived lives enriched immeasurably by our journeys, and we wanted to find a way to share that with you, our fellow travelers. Thus, it is very difficult to be forced to put those dreams on hold.

I would also like to take this opportunity to offer some perspective on the current moment. This year marks the centennial of The Travel Corporation’s founding by my father, Solomon Tollman. It was in August of 1920 that he opened “The Paternoster Hotel.” Set in a sleepy fishing village on the west coast of South Africa, it was there I was born, in 1930, and spent my early years. I can assure you that a business does not reach the age of 100 – nor does a man reach the age of 90 – without experiencing a great deal. Over the past century in travel we have lived through wars, famines, shortages, terrorist attacks, recessions, and more.

I offer you words my father often shared with me during difficult times when he, in turn, quoted his namesake, King Solomon: “This, too, shall pass.” Although travel plans may be delayed, our dreams of travel grow only more vivid. There are already green shoots and sense of light coming out as the world starts to emerge and deal with this current problem. Our phones are ringing again as people make arrangements to travel in the future and dream of travel. We expect to be there to deliver and satisfy those dreams. We look forward to having you join us for the truly amazing journeys that Luxury Gold offers.

Until then, we wish you and your loved ones all the best for health and safety.


Stanley Tollman

Stanley S. Tollman

Founder of Luxury Gold & Chairman of The Travel Corporation


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Our History

Chairman's Letter

Beatrice Tollman & Stanley Tollman, Johannesburg, 1953

Chairman's Letter

Stanley Tollman's parents, Evelyn & Solomon, Johannesburg, 1948

Chairman's Letter

Beatrice Tollman & Stanley Tollman, New York, USA, 1982

Chairman's Letter

Beatrice Tollman at the first ladies’ bar in South Africa, Hyde Park Hotel, Johannesburg, 1960

Chairman's Letter

Construction of Tollman Towers Hotel, the first 5-star all-suite hotel in Africa, 1969

Chairman's Letter

Beatrice Tollman & the Red Carnation female executive team, London, 2019

Chairman's Letter

The Red Carnation family, London, 2019

Chairman's Letter

Beatrice Tollman & the Head Chef of the Milestone Hotel, London, UK

Chairman's Letter

Stanley & Beatrice Tollman on a family vacation, Mombo Camp, Botswana, 2015



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