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Why Luxury Gold

We invite you to indulge your passions on an immersive, small group tour, offering the perfect blend of guided and independent exploration. At Luxury Gold, it’s our pleasure to make your next tour extraordinary. Allow us to share our unparalleled wealth of expertise accumulated over the past century as a family business.

A world of immersive tours awaits you, each with VIP experiences, exceptional dining, elegant hotels and a Travelling Concierge who’s there to tailor everything to your desires. Bon voyage!

VIP Experiences

Meet incredible local people, visit landmark sites after hours and more on these unforgettable experiences reserved only for Luxury Gold guests.

A couple admiring the inside of the Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy.
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The Chairman’s Collection

These elite experiences have been personally curated by our late Chairman, Mr. Stanley Tollman, and are inspired by his life in travel.

Small Group Tours

Our luxury tours attract passionate travellers from around the English-speaking world, who travel together as couples, friends and family or on their own. No matter where you journey with us, there's never a crowd. You'll always travel in a small group of about 20 guests on average. With our small groups, you benefit from more personalised service from your Travelling Concierge and gain access to people and places that are closed to larger groups.

Magnificent Hotels

Our carefully curated selection of hotels immerse you in each destination with their luxurious comfort, elegant surroundings, excellent locations and high standards of service.

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A view on the Ashford Castle from above, Ireland.
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