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What is the role of the Travel Concierge?

Your Travel Concierge is the best five-star concierge you've ever met. Their role is to understand your tastes and preferences and to offer personalised touches to ensure your tour is as individual as you are.

Fluent in the local language and with an in-depth knowledge of any given destination, your Travel Concierge is also the ultimate travelling companion, helping you to build an understanding of new places that goes beyond the superficial.

How many guests will be in my group?

All Luxury Gold tours are small group tours, with an average of 18 guests. In such a small group, you'll receive more personal attention from your Travel Concierge, and you'll benefit from access and experiences not available to larger groups.

What does porterage mean on my tour?

On a Luxury Gold tour, we handle everything to do with your luggage.

When you arrive at your luxurious hotel, your case will be taken directly to your room. And when you leave, a porter will ring your room to transport your luggage down to the coach. There is no need to move your suitcase out of your room.

For peace of mind, Luxury Gold guests are automatically enrolled with Blue Ribbon Bags - the lost baggage retrieval service. For more information, see Porterage.

How much free time will I have on my tour?

Free time is built into every Luxury Gold tour, enabling you - with the assistance of your Travel Concierge - to personalise your tour and discover a destination in the way you choose.

How much walking is involved on a Luxury Gold tour?

Our activity levels give you an idea of what to physically expect from your Luxury Gold tour. We have divided all tours into three categories: Leisurely, Balanced and Dynamic. All tours have been assigned one of these categories. Visit Activity Levels to find out more.

What are my options as a solo traveller?

Travelling solo with Luxury Gold combines the peace of mind of guided travel with the exhilaration of independent discovery. All Luxury Gold tours offer the option of travelling solo, staying in a room of your own.

Find out more about travelling solo with Luxury Gold

What do I need to know about tipping and gratuities on my tour?

When travelling with Luxury Gold, certain tips and gratuities are included in your tour package. Porterage at hotels, service charges and tips for hotel waiting staff (for included meals) will be taken care of by your Travel Concierge. There are however a few instances where individual tipping is welcome. 

Hotel Services 

It is customary to tip hotel staff for room service delivery if the charge has not already been added to the bill. 

Local Hosts and Local Specialists 

Tours outside of the Americas do not include gratuities for Local Hosts and Local Specialists. It is customary to show appreciation for the insights, stories and know-how shared with you. 

Your Travel Concierge and Driver 

At the end of your tour you may wish to express appreciation to your Travel Concierge for their excellent service and the personal attention you received.  

For your convenience and ease, there is an option to prepay gratuities for the Travel Concierge and Driver at the time of booking on the majority of our tours. This option is not available on Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast, and tours in Asia and Africa. For further information, please check with your local sales representative or reservation agent at time of booking.

Eating and drinking 

Tips and gratuities will be taken care of by your Travel Concierge for all meals included in your itinerary. When you are exploring on your own, it's helpful to know regional norms around tipping. 

In Europe, there is no obligation to leave a tip, but between 5% and 10% is normal in most European restaurants. Make sure to check that a service charge hasn’t already been added on as this is becoming more common. Also bear in mind that tipping is only necessary at a table service restaurant. When eating out at a pub or fast food outlet where you order your food from a counter, tipping isn’t necessary or expected. 

In North America, it is customary to tip for a variety of services. A restaurant is usually tipped 15-20% of the total bill before tax. In bars and pubs, the bartender and cocktail server usually earns between $1-$2 per drink depending on the price of the drink. Other services from taxi drivers to hairdressers normally receive 10%. Your Travel Concierge can also answer any questions you may have regarding when and how much to tip. 


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What can I expect from the accomodation on a Luxury Gold tour?

Luxury Gold utilises a carefully curated range of hotels. We are extremely selective, choosing only the very best hotels offering exceptional levels of service.

From game reserves to castles, our properties are an experience in their own right. And with multiple night stays in many locations, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of all they have to offer.

Discover our Luxury Hotels

Can I use my electrical appliances?

Electrical plugs and outlets differ throughout the world so you'll need a universal travel adaptor suitable for the countries you are travelling to in order to use any mobile devices. Electrical currents also vary throughout the world and we suggest you carry a converter for any electronics that are not dual voltage in order to prevent them being damaged.

Can I have my laundry done?

Most hotels offer a laundry service. However, it is a good idea to try and pack enough clothing to avoid having to do laundry, as it can sometimes be costly or inconvenient.


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What do I need to know about dining during my tour?

To access the true heart of any destination, look no further than its cuisine. At Luxury Gold, we provide exceptional and varied dining experiences for our guests.

From Michelin starred restaurants, to rustic farm-to-table experiences and guided street-food adventures, every meal on a Luxury Gold tour is a memory in the making.

Unless otherwise stated, breakfast will be served at your hotel every morning. Lunch and dinner may not be included every day. This allows guests to explore the local food scene for themselves, your Travel Concierge will always have a wealth of recommendations.

Find out more about our Exceptional Dining

What should I do if I have specific dietary requirements?

We encourage all guests to advise us about any specific dietary needs that they may have (vegetarian, diabetic, gluten-free, etc.) and we will strive to accommodate them.

We kindly request that you advise us of any dietary requirements when completing registration on My Luxury Gold. Please also discuss your needs with your Travel Concierge at the start of your tour. Where possible, we will endeavour to make arrangements with our suppliers however requests cannot be guaranteed on every occasion.


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What is Luxury Gold doing to make travel more sustainable?

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business.

Coach travel has been proven to reduce congestion and create less pollution per passenger kilometre than any other form of transport. The Luxury Gold fleet is among the most efficient in Europe.

To limit single-use plastics on our tours, we are proud to present each Luxury Gold guest with a reusable water bottle. We also enable you to travel paper-free by delivering the documentation for your tour electronically through the My Luxury Gold portal.

To find out more about how we Tread Right, visit our sustainability pages

Wellbeing and Safety

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What if I become ill on the tour and cannot continue?

Your Travel Concierge will assist you with a doctor's visit or hospitalisation should you require.

Luxury Gold has a dedicated Customer Care Department in Europe or our Operations Department in the relevant country will contact you to offer assistance and advice.

How can I stay safe while travelling?

A Luxury Gold tour combines seamless guided experiences with the opportunity to discover a destination independently. Immersing yourself in a new place is extremely rewarding but it's important to remain vigilant and to take precautions when traveling to reduce the chances of situations arising that would affect your enjoyment.
Personal belongings
Many of us carry expensive equipment such as mobile phones and cameras to capture our travel memories and keep in touch with loved ones. Be wary of showing them off in crowded places and never leave them on the table in restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies and public places (breakfast rooms).
Keep your bag with you at all times. Wear it across your chest and ensure the bag is on the front of the body when you walk through crowded places.
Make sure your passport is always safe. Keep it on your person on travel days. Many hotels provide safety deposit boxes for your use on longer stays but be sure to reclaim them before checking out. Make a photocopy of your passport and important documents and keep them separately from the originals and make a note of emergency numbers for any credit/ bank cards that you use.
Only carry as much cash as you need at any time and avoid displaying large numbers of notes when paying for anything.
Passport and documents
You are required to carry your passport with you at all times. A money belt worn under your clothing is the safest place to carry your passport, as well as other important documents, a spare credit or debit card, larger cash amounts and any emergency contact lists.
When leaving your room, securely shut all windows and close the door to your room as you exit, with enough force to ensure it properly locks. Remember to keep your room key safely on you. On arrival at a new hotel, familiarise yourself with escape routes and locate the nearest fire exit to your room. Always know how to raise the alarm.
Situational awareness
Avoid confrontational situations and large gatherings and if at any time a situation doesn’t feel right, walk away.
Hostile situations
In the very unlikely chance you find yourself in the vicinity of a hostile incident, leave immediately and contact the police. If you are unable to leave, find somewhere to hide, lock the door and keep as quiet as possible. Remember to turn your phone to silent and contact the police.

Staying in Touch

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How can I stay connected with my Travel Concierge each day? 

Your Travel Concierge is more than a guide; they are a fountain of knowledge and support, enriching your journey every step of the way. They will reveal the wonders you have always dreamed of and introduce you to unexpected delights. To enhance your experience, many Travel Concierges often use WhatsApp Communities as an additional tool to share real-time updates, meeting points, photos, and more with guests.

If your Travel Concierge is a WhatsApp user, upon arrival, you will be added to your tour Community. This will be an additional way for your Travel Concierge to share updates and reminders like where to meet, photos and more, directly to your device.

For a seamless start, it is best (and recommended) to download and set up the app before your departure. Simply open Apple App Store or Google Play App Store on your device and search for WhatsApp. 

If you don't use WhatsApp, rest assured your Travel Concierge will keep you well-informed through various other means in person throughout your tour. 

Will I have access to the internet during my tour?

On Your Coach
Complimentary Wi-Fi is generally available on coaches. Using 3G mobile network, it means that connection is slower than standard broadband and at times may not be available. It is good for checking emails, web browsing and updating social media accounts, but less so for streaming video or large photo uploads.
At Your Accommodation
Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in many guestrooms and/or public areas of most hotels. On some occasions, it may require an access code from hotel staff. Your Travelling Concierge will provide you with details when checking in to each hotel.

How else can I keep in touch with friends and family?

Sharing new discoveries with loved ones is part of the travel experience.

If you choose to bring a smart phone with you, ensure you contact your service provider to find out how much it will cost to use your phone internationally. You might consider disabling data roaming or purchasing a prepaid service or SIM to keep control of costs.

Making telephone calls from your hotel room can be very expensive. A pre-paid calling card is an easy way to save money when making telephone calls. Please ask your Travel Concierge for further information.

How can I share my photos and videos from my tour?

Elevate your travel memories by sharing highlights with friends and family on social media. Showcase your Luxury Gold journey and inspire future travelers with the Magnificent Stays, Exceptional Dining, Concierge Services, and Curated Experiences you have enjoyed on your tour.

Capture the magic on Facebook or Instagram and don’t forget to tag us to potentially see your luxury experience featured on our pages. Your stories not only preserve your memories but also ignite wanderlust in others.

Discover how each social platform elevates your travel storytelling and learn how to connect with us to amplify your adventures:

  • Facebook: Share your updates, albums, and live moments. Tag @LuxuryGoldVacations, use your tour hashtag in your posts, and connect with fellow travelers. Your Travel Concierge will be there to assist you. 
  • Instagram: Capture stunning photos, captivating videos, and engaging stories. Follow @LuxuryGoldVacations and use your tour hashtag in your posts. Your Travel Concierge will be there to assist you.