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Registration & Documents

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Passport & visas

Ensure you have a valid passport for all the countries you will visit or travel through; many countries require your passport to be valid for a longer period than the length of your stay (usually a minimum of 6 months), so check what applies to your itinerary. You might also need to obtain visas (depending on your nationality). Talk to your Embassy if you are unclear about what documentation you require.
It is a good idea to have copies of your passport details, insurance policy, visas and credit card numbers, keeping them separate from the originals and perhaps leaving an additional copy with someone at home.

Travel Insurance

Give yourself peace of mind by purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance package to cover you for cancelations, baggage delays or loss, medical expenses and activities. Our 'Gold Seal Protection' offers a great deal on the additional cover.

Travel restrictions and guidelines

It is important to stay well-informed about travel restrictions and guidelines for the countries you wish to visit. To help you stay up-to-date, Luxury Gold has provided a powerful and easy-to-use tool that provides a wealth of information all in one convenient place. Simply select your passport and destination to view the travel requirements for your tour. As travel guidelines tend to change quite frequently, it is best to check for the most current travel restrictions as you get closer to the departure of your tour.

Getting Ready to Travel

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What are my options if I'm a solo traveller?

Our luxury guided tours are perfect for solo travellers. Our smaller group size is ideal for meeting like-minded travellers while your Travel Concierge tends to all the details and personalises your experience.

Visit our solo traveller savings page for more information.

What is included in the tour cost?

Our website prices include everything that is listed in the itineraries: all luxury accommodation; all sightseeing, admissions and VIP access; all coach, cruise or rail transportation; the services of a professional Travel Concierge; all meals and fine dining, as noted in the itinerary; and all luggage handling.
All tips for services from Local Experts, dining-room staff, housekeeping and porters at hotels, airports, docks and train stations are also included. If you pre-pay for your holiday, you can also opt to have the tips for your Driver and Travel Concierge included too.

Credit Cards

Notify your credit card providers of your travel details (specifying the location and duration of your vacation) to reduce the risk of your cards being frozen due to unusual activity.

Special dietary requirements

When you book, specify any special dietary requirements so that your Travel Concierge can notify hotels and restaurants in advance so that they can do their best to provide a suitable menu alternative. Please note that such requests cannot always be guaranteed.
If booking your own flights, make the airline aware of any special dietary requirements.

Connecting with your fellow travellers

Connect with fellow guests who will be travelling with you before you travel by registering on Luxury Gold’s online Community. This forum is a great way to seek advice from experienced travellers before you go, share your travel highlights, and stay in contact with friends after your tour. 


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How much luggage can I bring?

Each guest can bring a single bag measuring no more than 77.5cm (30.5in) x 56cm (22in) x 32cm (12.5in) and weight not exceeding 50 lbs. (23kg). You can also bring one hand luggage bag that is no bigger than 12”x11”x6” (30x28x14cm) to fit under your coach seat or in the small overhead compartment. Hand luggage cannot have wheels or a telescopic handle.
If you wish to bring a second item of luggage, please request this at time of booking. Additional charges will apply.

Is there a dress code I need to be aware of for my tour?

Make sure you are aware of dress code expectations for the locations you will be visiting, particularly Muslim countries so that you can pack for your tour accordingly. When visiting a place of worship, shoulders will need to be covered so take a wrap or shawl with you.

Lost Luggage Protection

Luxury Gold partners with Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB) to offer you peace of mind whilst travelling. As a guest of Luxury Gold, you are automatically enrolled in Blue Ribbon Bags' lost luggage retrieval service for all international flights purchased with us that start and end in your home country.


Blue Ribbon Bags tracks and expedites the return of all lost luggage by the airline and sends real-time updates via email and text message regarding the status of your delayed luggage, provided these details are added to your booking. Blue Ribbon Bags also pays a guaranteed amount for each lost bag that is not returned within 96 hours of your flight landing (in addition to any compensation by your travel insurance or airline).

Your Health & Medical Needs

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Check with your doctor if you need any vaccinations or to take any other health precautions prior to your vacation.
Make sure any medication you regularly take is legal in the countries you will be visiting and perhaps carry a doctor’s prescription with you for any medicines you take. You should also keep your medication in your hand luggage if possible.

Getting to Your Destination

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Can I book my flights through Luxury Gold?

Of course you can. You can book business or first class when you book your tour. We have fantastic contacts and rates with many airlines and our friendly team can assist with booking your flights. You can either request to add flights when booking online or call one of our team to book your tour, letting them know you also require flights.

Online check-ins

Many airlines allow online check-ins and seat selection before you travel. It is worth finding out if your airline offers online registration, where you can receive an email or text message to notify you of any flight delays.