Travel should amaze you. It should be memorable from first to last, and full of awe-inspiring moments. Travel should also be easy, spent discovering your destinations through exclusive local experiences and dining on only the best local cuisine. Join Luxury Gold to experience travel at its finest on an expertly crafted guided journey, with a dedicated Traveling Concierge along to tailor your travels to your tastes.

Why Luxury Gold

VIP Experiences

Unique VIP Experiences

VIP Experiences bring you joy, laughter and genuine awe, transforming the standard sights into moments of gold.

Luxury Hotels

Magnificent Hotels

Our carefully curated selection of hotels immerse you in each destination with their luxurious comfort, elegant surroundings, excellent locations and high standards of service.

Small Group Journeys

Small Group Tours

No matter where you journey with us, there's never a crowd. Starting in 2022, you'll always travel in a small group of about 20 guests on average.

Trust in Luxury Gold

Luxury Gold is a proud member of the TTC family of brands