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Visit Los Angeles, San Francisco, Memphis, New York, Washington DC, Grand Canyon National Park and more.

So vast is the USA that it spans four time zones, has 50 states, and a multi-ethnic population of over 300 million people. As the ‘Land of Opportunity’, America goes big in every possible way – from its music, entertainment and sports, to its food portions and natural landscapes. The USA is frequently referred to as a ‘superpower’, given its powerful global influence. Home to the rich and famous of the celebrity world, Hollywood A-listers together with the great tech-minds of Silicon Valley reside in California. The bald eagle is the official emblem, representing longevity and strength, while the iconic Star-Spangled Banner includes 50 white stars (for the 50 states) and 13 stripes (representing the 13 British colonies that formed the first US states).

United States Travel Tips

On Luxury Gold tours, your Travel Concierge is fluent in the local language and culture. Before you go, here is more information about the United States.


United States dollar (USD, $)

Time Difference

London GMT - 5-8hrs

When to go: In the west of the country, temperatures are good all year; May-October for the best Eastern climates.

Travel Updates and Guidelines

Keep up to date with the most recent travel and health guidelines and restrictions with our easy to use, helpful Travel Requirement tool.


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