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Questions about COVID-19 travel? Read our COVID-19 FAQs for answers to help you feel informed and confident when booking your tour.

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Many airlines allow online check-ins and seat selection before you travel. It is worth finding out if your airline offers online registration, where you can receive an email or text message to notify you of any flight delays.

Cell phone

Disable data roaming on your cell phone to avoid unnecessary charges.

Credit cards

Notify your credit card providers of your travel details (specifying the location and duration of your vacation) to reduce the risk of your cards being frozen due to unusual activity.

Embracing new cultures

Although your Travelling Concierge will be fluent in the language spoken in the countries you visit and can communicate on your behalf, it is worth learning a few useful phrases to try out. Making the effort to do this will usually be appreciated by locals.


Check with your doctor if you need any vaccinations or to take any other health precautions prior to your vacation.

Make sure any medication you regularly take is legal in the countries you will be visiting and perhaps carry a doctor’s prescription with you for any medicines you take.

Try to be well-rested in the days leading up to your departure for optimal health on your adventure.


Make sure you are aware of dress code expectations for the locations you will be visiting, particularly Muslim countries so that you can pack for your tour accordingly. When visiting a place of worship, shoulders will need to be covered so take a wrap or shawl with you.

Passport and visas

Ensure you have a valid passport for all the countries you will visit or travel through; many countries require your passport to be valid for a longer period than the length of your stay (usually a minimum of 6 months), so check what applies to your itinerary. You might also need to obtain visas (depending on your nationality). Talk to your Embassy if you are unclear about what documentation you require.

It is a good idea to have copies of your passport details, insurance policy, visas and credit card numbers, keeping them separate from the originals and perhaps leaving an additional copy with someone at home.

Pre-Travel Checklist

To help you navigate the necessary requirements before you travel, we have put together this helpful checklist. All requirements must be satisfied to travel, so we recommend completing each item as soon as you can to ensure every element of your Luxury Gold vacation goes smoothly.

Download your Pre-Travel Checklist

Single-use plastics - refillable water bottle

At Luxury Gold we are committed to removing single-use plastics from our operations by 2022. In 2019, plastic water bottles will no longer be available on our coaches. Prior to your tour you will be given a water bottle to be used at designated refill stations throughout your tour. Please remember to bring it with you on your vacation.

Special dietary requirements

When you book, specify any special dietary requirements so that your Travelling Concierge can notify hotels and restaurants in advance so that they can do their best to provide a suitable menu alternative. Please note that such requests cannot always be guaranteed.

When booking your own flights, make the airline aware of any special dietary requirements.

Travel insurance

Give yourself peace of mind by purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance package to cover you for cancellations, luggage delays or loss, medical expenses and activities.

Travel restrictions and guidelines

It is important to stay well-informed about travel restrictions and guidelines for the countries you wish to visit. To help you stay up-to-date, Luxury Gold has provided a powerful and easy to use tool that provides a wealth of information all in one convenient place. Simply select your passport and destination to view travel requirements for your tour. As travel guidelines tend to change quite frequently, it is best to check for the most current travel restrictions as you get closer to the departure of your tour. Try it now.

Travelling companions

Connect with fellow guests who will be travelling with you before you travel by registering on Luxury Gold’s online Community. This forum is a great way to seek advice from experienced travellers before you go, and to then share your travel highlights and stay in contact with friends after your tour. You might even find yourself planning future tours together.

Your Well-Being Director

Luxury Gold tours* now include a specially trained and dedicated Well-Being Director to provide additional support and assistance during your travels.

The Well-Being Director takes a proactive approach to your welfare and dedicates their attention to the latest hygiene and physical distancing protocols throughout your tour. Up to date with the latest regulations from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), World Health Organization (WHO) and local government authorities, they are always available to overcome any concerns. Your Well-Being Director will support your Travelling Concierge and driver in making your holiday perfect for you, so you have peace of mind to enjoy your experience fully.

Learn more about your Well-Being Director.

*Well-Being Directors are not available on Australia, New Zealand and Japan tours. Well-Being Directors can be arranged for Custom Groups for a supplementary charge.