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Your Travelling Concierge

Personalising Your Journey

We invite you to savour every moment of your Luxury Gold journey, because your Travelling Concierge is with you all the way. Relax and as they personalise your journey – crafting touches to your itinerary in real time, based on your passions.

What exactly is a Travelling Concierge?

Imagine the best five-star concierge you’ve ever met, the person that makes dreams a reality. Fluent in the local language, with an extensive list of contacts to enrich your trip. Your Travelling Concierge is there from the beginning, understanding your preferences and desires before your journey, as well as on hand throughout, to personalise details that make your holiday unforgettable.

Why go on a journey with a Travelling Concierge?

Your Travelling Concierge is a master planner who deepens your connection to the destination, in a way that you can truly appreciate. Here's how our Travelling Concierges go the extra mile for you.

Your Travelling Concierge - Luxury Gold

Luxury to me is encapsulated in four words: time, space, choice and tranquillity. Join a Luxury Gold journey and you’ll have someone who knows how to listen, how to connect, how to facilitate and how to personalise a trip. It seems like we Travelling Concierges are born with those skills.

- Ernesta Fae, Travelling Concierge, Spain & Portugal in Style

Your Travelling Concierge - Luxury Gold

If you were going on a journey and had a choice of taking the friend who knows the language, the culture, the history, the context and all the wonderful things to try, wouldn’t you bring him along? That’s what a Travelling Concierge is. You experience the breadth and depth of a country with their knowledge, not just skim over the surface.

- Daniel Pelaez, Travelling Concierge, Treasures of the Incas

Your Well-being Director

To provide you additional personal support and assistance when you travel with us, we’ve added the services of a specially trained and dedicated Well-being Director on every journey.

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Your Travelling Concierge - Luxury Gold
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We have worked closely with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) to guide and co-create their “New Normal Safe and Seamless Traveller Journey” global protocols.

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