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Both a country and a continent, Australia is home to over 24 million people and an array of unique animal species. Aspiring David Attenboroughs – or more aptly Steve Irwin – can hope to spot one of the country’s many endemic species such as a kangaroo, koala or a platypus. With its diverse culture, dry outback and fascinating coastline, this mega-nation can service both the beach-going and adventurous traveller alike.

Apparently, if you visited a new beach in Australia each day, it would take you 27 years to see them all. But if you’ve only time for a handful, be sure to stroll down the world-famous Bondi Beach and absorb its atmosphere in amongst the bronzed bodies. The capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities Sydney is well known globally for its iconic cityscape – the opera house and bridge in particular.

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  • From the Great Barrier Reef to the Red Centre of the Outback, Australia boasts a plethora of extraordinary natural wonders. This immersive journey is a showcase of vast tropical rainforests, otherworldly rock formations and ancient indigenous culture. Listen to the sounds of the didgeridoo at a hosted starlit dinner in Uluṟu and take in the iconic sights of Sydney aboard a yacht.

Take in the sights then wander through the magnificent Chinese Garden of Friendship and rest with a traditional Chinese tea whilst admiring the glistening waterfalls. Come dusk, take in some fine dining amongst the lights of the harbour then head to King’s Cross for the nightlife. One of the founding members of the United Nations, this commonwealth, where the largest property is bigger than Belgium, boasts an entire portfolio of both natural wonders. Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory is a sensational gorge to rival the Grand Canyon and to the south, admire the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ayres Rock (Uluru). 

If you’ve got time, the Great Barrier Reef – one of the most famous reef systems on the planet that’s visible from outer space – is well worth a visit. Snorkel or dive amongst this captivating ecosystem and discover a whole other world of unique marine creatures that could, if you’re lucky, include turtles in amongst the vibrant fish and coral. Most know that Australians are the kings of barbecue, but the country is also home to some fantastic wine regions and Hunter Valley on the east coast is the oldest one. Here you’ll unearth more than 150 wineries producing world-class wines so pull up a chair, order a glass of Semillon and reflect on the wonders you’ve absorbed during your stay.

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    Av temp: 21˚C71˚F

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    Av temp: 25˚C78˚F

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    Av temp: 22˚C72˚F

  • Winter

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    Av temp: 16˚C62˚F

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    Australian Dollar

When to go: Summer (Dec - Feb)


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