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So that we can make your vacation special and hassle-free, we ask that all of our guests register with MyInsight (our online travel portal), prior to travelling with Luxury Gold. We use the information you share on MyInsight to create a uniquely personalised service for you so the more details you can include and the sooner you register before your departure, the more useful this portal will be.

MyInsight gives you the opportunity to tell us about your interests, notify us of any dietary or room requirements, easily manage your booking, access itinerary details, and connect with fellow travel companions before your trip. While travelling, MyInsight is a great place to receive the latest updates from your Travelling Concierge, share pictures from your journey, and chat to your new-found friends. Once back home, you can continue to use MyInsight as a way of staying in touch with friends you made on your vacation, reminisce, and find inspiration for future adventures.

CLICK HERE to register.

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