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Ulla Hefel Bohler

Claire Hanney

Jen Hirtle

Chief Operating Officer

General Manager, Travel Experiences

Head of Travel

"Tourism’s relevance has never been clearer. The time is now to seize this opportunity to create the incredible ways to travel.”

She finds her happiness in creating and curating incredible travel experiences for others.

“Unique and beautiful experiences should always be sought, and I compile them for you.”

An elegant smiling woman with short hair, Ulla Hefel Bohler
An elegant smiling woman with shoulder-length hair, Claire Hanney
Someone eats a meal decorated with a flower with a fork, there are glasses with wine and a woman in the background

Lucie Dalila

Sara Tuppen Veloso

Karen Gower

Sustainability Manager Travel Experiences

Head of Content, Travel Experiences

Senior Travel Experiences Manager

“I am passionate about sustainability and looking after our planet, wildlife and communities, and creating holidays of a lifetime for guests.”

She is a dynamic leader and team builder passionate about travel and language.

With experience on the road as a Travel Concierge, she loves creating incredible journeys knowing what guests truly want and expect.

Wooden building among trees and eating area with tables and chairs
Entrance to an elegant building with potted plants as decoration
Tourists under a cherry tree in Marchese Mazzei Castello Fontertoli in Florence, Tuscany in Italy, Europe