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Experience Exceptional Egypt During a 1-Week Guided Tour & Nile Cruise

Stand in awe of Egypt on this 1-week guided tour. Just outside of Cairo, see the wondrous Pyramids of Giza with an Egyptologist, who will guide you inside and up close to the Sphinx. Sail the Nile to the preserved Philae, a maze of towering temples along the water and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After gazing at the Aswan Dam — one of the world’s largest embankment dams — spend an afternoon your way: cruise the Nile on a traditional felucca, a wooden boat with billowing sails, or visit the lively Aswan Market where you can buy unique souvenirs. See the unique Kom Ombo temple, dedicated to a falcon-headed Horus and crocodile god Sobek — then don traditional galabeyas for a flavorful feast in Edfu.

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Choose Your Cruise Deck

Choose from three deck categories for the 3 night cruise portion of your tour onboard the unforgettable River Tosca.

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Cairo Deck

The Cairo Deck on your 3 night cruise is located three floors below the Sun Deck.



Pharoah Deck

The Pharaoh Deck on your 3 night cruise is located two floors below the Sun Deck.



Pyramid Deck

The Pyramid Deck on your 3 night cruise is located one level below the Sun Deck.



Royal Suite

The Royal Suite Cabin on your 3 night cruise is approximately 60sqm, located on the Pharaoh Deck, two floors below the sun deck. There are exclusively two rooms available on each ship.



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