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Wildlife Initiative - Luxury Gold Cares

The Wildlife Initiative

As part of its continuing dedication to sustainable efforts, TreadRight, with support from Luxury Gold, launched the TreadRight Wildlife Initiative. The Wildlife Initiative, delivered in partnership with leading wildlife conservation organizations such as the Wilderness Foundation – Africa and Wildlife SOS - India.

Flourishing wildlife populations are crucial to healthy ecosystems and central to many unforgettable travel experiences. Destinations across the planet are often defined by their iconic animals and many local populations are dependent on a robust ecosystem to make a living. However, wildlife crimes like poaching and animal exploitation threaten to harm to these innocent creatures and even wipe entire species off the face of the Earth. 

Through its support of its Wildlife Initiative partners, TreadRight is helping to fight poaching and ensure animal welfare and safety by combatting the illegal wildlife trade on multiple fronts, raising awareness and education, and defending vulnerable animals.

Luxury Gold and TTC’s family of brands proudly support The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative.

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