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ME to WE

ME to WE

Luxury Gold is proud to partner with ME to WE, an innovative social enterprise providing products and experiences that make an impact, empowering people to change the world.

ME to WE is a recognised leader in culturally immersive travel and a partner of the award-winning WE Charity, an organisation with over 20 years of international development work.

On a ME to WE culturally immersive experience, travellers connect with local community members as they work alongside each other. Projects are based entirely on need and can include constructing a new school, digging a water well, or building a new medical facility. All projects help to ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

Highlights of a ME to WE Experience

  • Connect with community members and learn about their daily lives
  • Work on a sustainable development project
  • Explore nature on walks through the local surrounds
  • Experience local traditions led by your local guide


ME to WE Experience in Ecuador

Treasures of the Incas ME to WEr - Luxury Gold

Enhance your Treasures of the Incas journey with this life-changing ME to WE experience in Ecuador. Surround yourself with the sights, sounds and culture of the Amazon. Join the indigenous Kichwa people, learn about their livelihood and work together to make their community more sustainable.

View Treasures of the Incas with ME to WE

ME to WE Experience in India

Treasures of the Incas ME to WEr - Luxury Gold

Extend your Imperial Rajasthan trip with an unforgettable experience as you immerse yourself in the area’s rural countryside. Discover the wonders of rural India, including its people, language, food, challenges and opportunities. Learn a few quick words in Hindi. Join the women and participate in a cooking class.

View Imperial Rajasthan with ME to WE

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