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2020 Worldwide Collection
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2020 Worldwide

We invite you to indulge your passions on an immersive, small group journey, offering the perfect blend of guided and independent exploration.

At Luxury Gold, it’s our pleasure to make your next journey extraordinary. Allow us to share our unparalleled wealth of expertise accumulated over the past century as a family business, now celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Imagine meeting Marchese Mazzei, a member of the 23rd generation of his winemaking family, at his villa estate in Tuscany. Learn about his heritage as you sip on his spectacular wines, visit his beautiful vineyard and enjoy a delicious lunch.

A world of immersive journeys awaits you, each with VIP experiences, exceptional dining, elegant hotels and a Travelling Concierge who’s there to tailor everything to your desires. Bon voyage!

Stanley Tollman

Stanley Tollman – Chairman

Ulla Hefel Bohler

Ulla Hefel Böhler – CEO

2020 Americas - Luxury Gold


View our 2020 Worldwide magazine to sample inspiring stories from our editorial contributors and find your next immersive journey.



The Chairman's Collection

We’ve called upon our company’s extensive connections to introduce you to exceptional local characters and unique access to amazing places. Available on select departure dates only (see select journeys with CC), a privileged few will be whisked into an elite world of noble dinners, regal lunches and drinks with aristocracy.



Europe & Britain


Ultimate Ireland

12 days from US$5,599

Welcome to the Emerald Isle. A storyteller's paradise, you'll explore the natural elements of this vibrant country, meeting some colourful characters along the way.

British Royale

9 days from US$4,415

Uncover the very essence of Britain and go to significant destinations that were once frequented by the likes of Shakespeare and notorious kings. As you travel in elegant style, stay at the most sought-after addresses in Britain, dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant and savour local specialities. From the beautiful Georgian city of Bath to the mesmerising Lake District, this is a journey of a lifetime.

Castles & Kingdoms

20 days from US$11,425

Head to the Islands of Britain and Ireland for a stately journey across rugged, fairy-tale lands. A storyteller’s paradise, you’ll uncover the essence of Britain and the natural elements of Ireland, meeting some colourful characters along the way.

Ultimate Italy

12 days from US$6,895

This magnificent journey showcases Italy’s grand past, romantic cities and exquisite natural wonders. Step into the ancient world, as a Local Expert shows you the cobblestone alleyways of Pompeii, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel in VIP style, and the gravity-defying Tower of Pisa.

French Vogue

10 days from US$5,550

Uncover the glamour and rich heritage of France, as you journey from iconic Paris to the heart of romantic Provence and the dazzling French Riviera. Stay in luxurious hotels and be introduced to passionate foodies and historians.

Spain & Portugal in Style

13 days from US$5,695

Experience the passion, creativity and romance of Spain and Portugal, as you witness fiery flamenco performances, marvel at Gaudi’s dreamy architecture and appreciate enchanting citrus-scented squares. Along the way, take in the diversity of architectural styles - ranging from contemporary to Moorish - and taste some of the region’s most iconic dishes, including paella.

Majestic Switzerland

10 days from US$5,950

Step into a world of snow-capped mountains, traditional alpine villages and warm hospitality. This idyllic journey takes you to fairy-tale castles, breathtaking peaks and storybook meadows.

Harmony of Central Europe

13 days from US$5,350

Take a journey into the past, with our show case of the grandest and most opulent cities of old Europe. From Prague to Budapest, marvel at the spirit of former empires and regal grandeur.

Timeless Scandinavia

12 days from US$6,525

Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings, as you uncover the innovative spirit, natural beauty and rich culture of Scandinavia. You’ll learn about its nautical heritage during a private canal cruise in multi-coloured Gothenburg, appreciate cutting-edge architecture in pristine cities such as Copenhagen and stand in awe of deep and magnificent fjords. This legendary journey beautifully blends bold tales of the past with slick contemporary design and outstanding natural gems.

This enchanting journey takes you from iconic landmarks in bustling Adriatic cities to hidden gems known only to the locals. Discover rich heritage on a guided walk through majestic Dubrovnik, see how oysters are harvested on the floating oyster beds of the Adriatic and marvel at the stunning cascades of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Remarkable Russia

8 days from US$5,450

Decadence and ornate beauty await you in Russia, the world's largest country. Delve into its fascinating history and colourful culture as you explore old-world St. Petersburg and cosmopolitan Moscow.


USA & Canada


Majesty of the Rockies

14 days from US$5,820

Take in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains as you travel in luxurious comfort to the most dazzling national parks, glaciers and historic villages of Western Canada. Savour delicious local cuisine in trendy Vancouver and meet passionate Local Experts, as you discover Mother Nature’s bounties from the Rockies to the waters of Alaska.

Majesty of the Rockies


Enhance your Majesty of the Rockies travel experience with these luxurious cruise, train and cultural journey extensions.


Indulgence in Eastern Canada

8 days from US$2,760

Rich in European architecture and striking natural phenomena, you've made it to eastern Canada. A mix of English and French cultures, indulge in all the elegance this romantic journey has to offer.

Delve into the scenic roads and spectacular scenery of Canada and the USA on this dazzling trip, that takes you from historic Montreal, along the famous Kancamagus Highway and on to the Big Apple.

The Sumptuous Soul of America

14 days from US$6,575

Join us for a toe-tapping trip of rock, jazz and country music, as you delve into the sumptuous soul of America. You'll start in Chicago, a great food city also known for its jazz and blues, before heading south to the musical meccas of Nashville and Memphis.

Southern Grace

9 days from US$3,820

Step into the heartland of soul music, as you travel from Nashville through Memphis on to New Orleans. Take your reserved seat at the world-famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and enjoy a private, after hours visit to Graceland, Memphis. Along the way, you’ll meet local singer-songwriters, taste the region’s renowned cuisine and experience Southern hospitality at its best.

Captivating Pacific Northwest

9 days from US$4,895

The misty Pacific Northwest extends a warm welcome, with lush landscapes, sweeping coastlines and extraordinary characters awaiting you.

Luxurious Hawaiian Escape

11 days from US$8,047

Hawaii’s traditional greeting, Aloha, signifies love and compassion for others and nature. Experience the magic of this tropical island and meet its gentle people, as you celebrate local traditions and discover amazing historical sites, lush rain forests and palm-fringed beaches.


Latin America


Delve into breathtaking Colombia and discover a land of unspoiled natural beauty, history and culture.

Treasures of the Incas

12 days from US$5,334

The mysterious world of the ancient Inca Empire pairs nicely with the flavours of a modern gastronomic powerhouse. 

Treasures of the Incas


Join ME to WE and extend your Treasures of the Incas journey with the perfect sustainable Amazon experience. Participate in a immersive international development project, connect with community members and explore nature as you trek the Amazonian rainforest.


Classic South America

12 days from US$7,269

A continent rich in natural wonders, historic cities and imposing monuments, you've made it to South America.

Grand South America

23 days from US$12,469

Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforests and Incan ruins treat you to a mystical world of natural beauty and vibrant civilizations.



Majestic Japan

11 days from US$9,020

A master of modernity and steward of tradition, Japan delights and surprises with neon-lit highstreets, ancient temples and boundless natural beauty. Meet knowledgeable locals, see iconic sites, taste exotic flavours and wonder at Mother Nature, as you journey via bullet train from cutting-edge cities to unexplored wildernesses in luxurious comfort.

Inspiring Indochina

16 days from US$8,059

Experience the ultimate in luxury travel, as you journey through Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, the three crown jewels of Southeast Asia. Get an insider’s perspective on some of the world’s most important religious monuments and watch the sun go down over the mighty Mekong River.

Spirit of Vietnam

12 days from US$4,779

Delve into the fascinating culture and history of Vietnam, as you travel from iconic cities to island-dotted bays in perfect luxury. Participate in Vietnamese cooking classes, learn about local hidden gems from passionate experts and marvel at dazzling landscapes along the way.

Cambodia & Vietnam in Style

14 days from US$6,304

Experience the very best of Cambodia and Vietnam, as you marvel at some of the world’s most important ancient monuments, journey through majestic countryside and feast on exotic flavours. Stay in the finest luxury hotels, cruise along an island-dotted emerald bay and enjoy VIP access to iconic attractions.

Sensational Vietnam & Laos

14 days from US$6,534

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime, experiencing the very best that Vietnam and Laos can offer. From bustling Saigon to ancient Luang Prabang, journey through these truly incredible landscapes.




A quintessential Indian journey, this majestic itinerary showcases the rich heritage of India’s bustling cities, renowned temples and exotic jungles. Marvel at the beauty of the Taj Mahal with its ethereal hues, search for the elusive Bengal Tiger on former royal hunting grounds and stroll through a traditional spice market in Jaipur. Allow your Travelling Concierge to show you India at its finest.

Imperial Rajasthan

13 days from US$6,695

We invite you to join a luxury heritage journey through timeless Rajasthan, where maharajahs built forts and lavish palaces towering over desert cities. Along the way, stay like royalty in palatial hotels and gain in-depth insights into local life. Look forward to a delicious dinner, prepared over hot coals at a lamp-lit camp among the Kanoi sand dunes and be welcomed into the homes of local people during your village safari in Jodhpur.

Imperial Rajasthan


Why not extend your trip in India with Me to WE and learn about daily life in rural India as you interact with the locals of the community, try your hand at traditional crafts and participate firsthand in a sustainable development project?


Spirit of North & South India

15 days from US$8,350

Cultural riches, historic gems, and breathtaking natural wonders beyond your wildest dreams are all captured on this itinerary. From the desert forts of Rajasthan to the ancient cave temples of Mumbai, travel in complete comfort, stay in five-star hotels and enjoy the best cuisine India has to offer.

Grand India

20 days from US$10,850

Multihued cities, palaces, temples and forts give way to the lush Kerala coast on this escorted journey. Drifting through the peaceful tropical backwaters of Vaikom village on your deluxe houseboat contrasts with time spent in the megacity of Mumbai. Throughout your vacation, enjoy the exemplary service, opulent hotels and unrivalled care provided by Luxury Gold.

Magnificent Nepal and Bhutan

10 days from US$6,875

With its ancient culture and the Himalayas as a backdrop, mountainous Nepal is a wealth of centuries-old stupas and temples. Bhutan, with the happiest citizens on earth, is an oasis of tranquillity. On this trip you will enjoy VIP treatment at a traditional mask dance and cultural show, explore the bustling streets of Thamel by rickshaw and flex your culinary skills preparing some Bhutanese delicacies.




Elegance of Egypt

7 days from US$3,425

Lovers of myth and mystery will be enchanted by the sites encountered on this journey. Many of Egypt’s cities and towns developed along the Nile, so a luxurious cruise onboard the River Tosca is like a window into the heart and soul of this amazing country.

Elegance of the Pharaohs

10 days from US$4,750

An inquisitive journey for those with a hunger for knowledge, adventure through the land of pharaohs. Cruise your way through Egypt and along the mighty Nile, as you delve into the highlights of ancient Egypt.

Elegance of the Nile

11 days from US$5,295

The Nile has long been a reflection of Egypt’s history and destiny - an economic lifeline, a great highway to conquest and a source of inspiration throughout the centuries. Now it’s your turn to be inspired as ancient history and spiritual wonders are revealed at every turn.

Spectacular South Africa

9 days from US$8,150

A showcase of beautiful wildernesses, eclectic cultures, warm hospitality and rich heritage, this journey will take you from cosmopolitan Cape Town into the heart of Big Five territory. Uncover the history of South Africa, while luxuriously travelling like the intrepid explorers of the past. Meet extraordinary local characters, and taste the Cape’s finest wines and culinary delights. Your journey concludes with a three-day safari in the Sabi Sands, known for having one of the planet’s highest concentrations of animal species.

Spectacular South Africa


Why not extend your wilderness adventure in Africa with an additional three-night stay to witness one of the world's most awe-inspiring and beautiful waterfalls, Victoria Falls. See our website for more details. This part of your journey is not accompanied by a Travelling Concierge but by a Local Host.



Australia & New Zealand


Inspiring Australia

13 days from US$7,350

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Red Centre of the Outback, Australia boasts a plethora of extraordinary natural wonders. This immersive journey is a showcase of vast tropical rainforests, otherworldly rock formations and ancient indigenous culture. Listen to the sounds of the didgeridoo at a hosted starlit dinner in Uluṟu and take in the iconic sights of Sydney aboard a luxury yacht.

The Long White Cloud

19 days from US$9,715

Delve into the scenic delights of New Zealand with a small group of explorers. Combine natural beauty with creature comforts as you overnight in the rainforests of Fiordland National Park, immerse yourself in the era of Art Deco in Napier, and journey south to the highland city of Dunedin. Experience the country in the best possible way - discover Milford Sound by sea kayak, explore the magical Glowworm Grotto and gain an insight in Maori culture with a unique Maori Hangi dinner and concert in Rotorua.


The independent guest review site Feefo has recognized Luxury Gold with its Trusted Service Award. Our guests have rated us 4.4 out of 5 stars based on hundreds of independent reviews received during the past year. The stars in the below journeys show the average overall guest rating for that journey.

2020 Americas



View our 2020 Worldwide magazine to sample inspiring stories from our editorial contributors and find your next immersive journey.


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